Wedding caterers Berkshire, Wedding catering Berkshire

We do also receive enquiries from Berkshire residents about our catering services. And we have

on many occasions been selected on the basis of our ability. We can do certain dishes for a larger

party which is not as easy as you may think.

The events we have catered for over the years have included (many) Weddings, Anniversaries

and Private Parties. The practicality is that we can travel easily to Berks and set up as much as

we need. And as you see from other pages on this website we often supply everything you need.

This ranges from:

Tables and chairs, Wine glasses, Plates and cutlery, Cooking equipment, Refrigeration and


Our transporter vans have everything we need to make your event feel as good as it needs to be.


 So when we arrive to set up, cook and serve, you will feel comfortable, pampered and well-fed.


For all you event catering needs in Berks please contact us.


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available at, Call us at 0800 027 9992 today for Wedding caterers Berkshire,

Wedding catering Berkshire


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