Digital Airways' User Interface Brings the Glamour of Cutting-Edge User Experiences to the Android(TM) Platform.

Turnkey Solution Provides Handset Manufacturers With a Unified Baseto Differentiate and Build on Their Branding

ARGENTAN, France, November 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobile software specialist Digital Airways announces the availability of Kaleido for Android(TM), a turnkey solution that brings an instant cutting-edge user experience to Google's Android(TM) platform, paving the way for handset manufacturers to differentiate in an efficient and cost-effective way.

The availability of Android(TM) represents a fundamental change in the mobile industry as the first feature-rich open source application framework. It marks a shift of the competition from hardware to software: "Vendors who have prepared themselves for this radical change will find themselves in a better position than those who continue to differentiate their products on the basis of hardware." Says Malik Saadi, principal analyst at Informa.

For all actors embracing the Android(TM) platform, the ability to individualize through innovative and distinctive user experiences remains challenging: Tools provided by Android(TM) still require laborious and costly efforts to create a user experience that is up to the industry's highest standards, such as the iPhone(TM) or Samsung's TouchWiz(TM).

With Kaleido for Android(TM), such user experience is available now. Based on its widely deployed Kaleido technology, it takes full advantage of the Android(TM) framework to offer a sophisticated user experience based on rich content, multi-touch, widgets, 3D, sophisticated animations and visual effects. Says Digital Airways' CEO and co-founder Philippe Silberzahn: "Kaleido provides handset manufacturers instant access to a full user experience platform that meets the highest industry standards."

Kaleido also provides handsets makers with a single, unified development environment to ease customization and extension of such cutting-edge user experiences without heavy-handed coding, ensuring shorter time to market and cost effectiveness.

Silberzahn adds: "Kaleido for Android(TM) is the user experience solution that manufacturers need on the Android(TM) platform to differentiate and build on their respective branding."

Digital Airways is a leading provider of world-class user interface solutions and services for the mobile telecommunications market.

Digital Airways' products enable handsets manufacturers and ODMs to easily create customizable mobile experiences with short time-to-market and low integration costs.

The company was founded in 1998 and is privately held.

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