Will not Give up However: Ideas By Yoga

I haven't thrown in the Now Athletics Yoga Towelyet... but I am having a constant conversation in my mind that sounds like this... "let me just stop for a second, is he crazy, I can't do this, I'm going to pass out, I am strong, I are designed for this, just breathe, stay focused, the more you push, the stronger you will be, imagine how you'll feel when this 60 minutes has been accomplished... "

The entire reason I am sharing this experience with you is basically because as I was having a strained dialogue in my own mind, the instructor who exercised 5-6 hours a day was coaching. He was actively coaching the entire class through the thoughts that have been creeping into our minds trying to convince us we couldn't... I was inspired by his coaching and his words and wanted to talk about them with you.

I feel they are essential to talk about with you not just because as leaders and humans, we are coaching ourselves and one another everyday. Typically, we are coaching and we may not even realize the ability we have before us to make a difference on someone else's path. As soon as your mind is pulling you in directions that inform you to lay down on the floor and quit or just to avoid and have a rest, here are some coaching words of wisdom to assist you think twice about throwing in the Now Athletics Yoga Towel.

Energy isn't created or destroyed, energy is transferred to generate transformation... what energy are you transferring and what are you currently transforming?

Train like a dog, perform like an athlete

Vulnerability is power

What are you currently willing to become?

It's easy... you can certainly do anything for 30 seconds

Somewhere, someone out there would need to be doing that which you are doing... give your very best for them.

Create your brand by the tiny actions... the tiny actions create integrity and definition.

What brand have you been creating?

I workout too you know... I am not going to pretend it isn't hard... it's hard.

Be explosive with control...

This may be the last time you do this... don't bring it for granted.

Pretend as if this really is the first time you have every Now Athletics Yoga Towel done this... everyday is a new day.

Concentrate on technique over amount of reps... use purpose.

This isn't a work out... it is definitely an opportunity.

Overcome fear with aggression.

Don't quit... finish the drill

What type of warrior are you?

Practice being dynamic and you will perform dynamic...