Abortion Billboard Man Greg Fultz Claims First Amendment Rights; Seeks Funding (Video)

The abortion billboard man of New Mexico a.k.a. Greg Fultz is now claiming that his first amendment rights are being hindered by the city of Alamogordo. Fultz recently made the news for because he paid for a full billboard shaming his ex-girlfriend for having an abortion. Since the incident, Gregs ex, Nani Lawrence, took legal action to have the billboard taken down. In her petition, Lawrence accuses Fultz of domestic violence and charges of harassment and invasion of privacy.


Not too surprisingly, Greg Fultz stated on Twitter: Its an anti abortion billboard not an attack despite what people belief. see coalition about needed information on fb and Domestic violence against men or women is not funny but some jokes about domestic violence are funny and Ive never abused anyone.

However, its hard for most people to believe that his anti-abortion billboard is not a personal attack against Nani. Consider the fact that the pro-life group he had initially created to endorse his billboard was named the National Association for Needed Information a.k.a. N.A.N.I. Fultz has since changed the groups name to C.A.N.I. after receiving widespread negativity.

Even in Fultzs own statement on his personal website, he states, The Billboard came under fire because the billboard was associated with the tragic event my ex was pregnant and lost the baby but didnt bother to tell me how. so I assume the worst i believe the baby was aborted

The problem is, though, Lawrence has cleared up the confusion by telling Greg Fultz that she had a miscarriage and not an abortion. That information though, is obviously something Fultz could care less about. The truth of the matter is that if the abortion billboard man of New Mexico wasnt trying to attack his ex-girlfriend, he would take down that tacky and shameful billboard and replace it with another anti-abortion message.

Further information about some of Greg Fultzs Twitter tweets shows that he About This Writers Wallet has had some very unstable thoughts. However, it will be a battle for the https://shieldfunding.com/ courts and hopefully Nani Lawrence will prevail. No woman should be targeted in such a way, especially if she suffered a miscarriage.

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