How to Earn More Swagbucks Money and Prizes

50 Swagbucks Prize Screen Shot: How to Earn More Swagbucks and Free PrizesSwagbucks is a unique website where users earn virtual currency that can be used to retrieve free prizes online. Getting a lot of currency, or Swagbucks, depends on the amount of interaction with the sites features. Most Swagbucks activities are no different from your everyday Internet-cruising routine, such as using a search engine or doing some online shopping.

The following article will discuss how to earn more Swagbucks by making sure you are engaged with the sites most convenient and easy prize-redeeming activities.

Search with Swagbucks

Replace your usual search engine with that of Swagbucks. This is the most common way Swagbucks are rewarded. By searching with Swagbucks, you will occasionally win Swagbucks throughout the day. Users will be rewarded more based on the frequency and length of time spent on the site.

Get the Swagbucks Toolbar

Downloading the toolbar is quick and easy. You will receive Swagbucks mail with occasional "Swag Codes." Use the codes to redeem free Swagbucks. Simply enter the code into the appropriate space on your homepage.

Swagbucks TV

This is a relatively new feature where users accumulate Swagbucks by watching ad-sponsored videos. However, several videos need to be viewed before winning three Swagbucks every 25 to 30 minutes or so.

Read the Blog

Similar to how users can receive Swag Codes from the toolbar mailbox, codes are also found in occasional blog posts. Users earn one Swagbuck a day for downloading the toolbar as well as 1 Swagbuck every time they participate in the daily poll.

Spread the Word

When a user you refer earns Swagbucks, the same amount will be sent to your account every time he or she wins. Swagbucks makes it easy to send referrals to your friends, family or collegues. Make sure your referrals are active users so you can get more Swagbucks even when you're not using the site. If you have a personal website or blog, post a free banner or widget to attract more referrals as well. These features can be retrieved from the website.

Shop on Swagbucks

Granted, not everyone shops online. But for the one occasion when you decide to do so, check to see if Swagbucks has what your are looking for. Visit its "Special Offers" and "Daily Deals" sections. You can also print free coupons and earn Swagbucks when you use them at your local store.

These are the common and easy ways to earn Swagbucks. However, the most convenient method to win more Swagbucks includes using the site's search engine, gaining a lot of active referrals and watching Swagbucks TV.

Make the most out of your Swagbucks Account

Although registration and site usage is free, there are specific activities where Swagbucks are rewarded if users spend their own money, including online shopping or registering for sponsored websites. However, users can still get a good amount of Swagbuck points and prizes without spending a dime.

You may be wondering: How can I make real money using Swagbucks? After accumulating a lot of points from your activity, the best way to get money now includes buying Paypal cash gift certificates. All items available for sale can be found in the Swag Store.