A Highly Functional Solution to Website Development

If you quiz web developers around the world which is the best solution to a highly functional website a majority would vouch for PSD to HTML development. It is the predominant model of web development in the contemporary world thanks to the flexibility and robustness it encompasses. Photoshop is the ultimate design platform in the world but Photoshop files arent web compatible and need to be converted into a suitable markup. This is done by converting PSD to HTML and PSD to CSS to achieve a web compatible layout.

What makes this popular is the fact that it is simplest of web development techniques which creates the highest of impacts. When you convert PSD to HTML you achieve a highly attractive website which appeals to the visitors. HTML is the building block or web pages and allows you to achieve websites which are interactive and responsive to the users browsing pattern. This adds to the brand value of your business and will directly or indirectly increase your revenue.

Highlights of PSD to HTML Conversion

Uniqueness/Attractiveness : When you design to HTML you can achieve a unique website designed and developed from scratch to meet the demands of your business. This adds to your identity in the market. Look and feel is the first thing that attracts any user. You can get a website which is pixel perfect or a replica of the PSD file to the last pixel.

SEO Factor : PSD to HTML conversion helps you in achieving highly optimized website. Professional developers hand code your website which results in clean code base which attract the search engine crawlers. HTML codes are easily read by search engine crawlers and it helps to rank-up your website at the top of the list. Manual coding also ensures you have lighter web pages which load fast onto a browser.

W3C Validation : For any website to be successful it needs to be validated under the guidelines laid down by the World Wide Web Consortium. This validation helps track errors in the coding and rectifies them. PSD to HTML websites are W3C validated thus enhancing their performance.

Cross Browser Compatibility : In a multi-browsers world it is very important that your website appears and functions uniformly on Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. This helps you market your website to a wide customer bases. The website automatically adjusts to the browser that is being used to access it to give the visitor a pleasing experience.

It is advisable that you hire the services of a company which has expertise in PSD to HTML conversion as this is a highly demanding job. If not executed correctly your website might malfunction and not market your business to your potential customers. There are a lot of web development companies around the world which design to HTML and integrate the website into content management systems seamlessly. Hire their services and witness the wonder a professionally designed website does to your business.

Author's Bio:

Adam Parker is working as a content writer at HTMLFIRM. HTMLFirm is a professional PSD to HTML Conversion Company which converts your photoshop designs to high quality cross browser compatible, W3C valided and SEO semantic HTML/CSS markup. Get high quality PSD to CSS, PSD to Wordpress and PSD to Magento Conversion services at HTMLFirm.