Web Data Management

Internet and the Web have revolutionized access to information. Today,one finds primarily on the Web, HTML (the standard for the Web) butalso documents in pdf, doc, plain text as well as images, music andvideos. The public Web is composed of billions of pages on millionsof servers. It is a fantastic means of sharinginformation. It is very simple Enterprise Search to use for humans. On the negativeside, it is very inappropriate for accesses by softwareapplications. This motivated the introduction of a semistructured datamodel, namely XML, that is well suited both for humans and machines.

Goals of this site

The present site aims to provide a consistent material to describe the structure of information found on the Web, and to explainhow this information can be efficiently represented, described and accessed. The primary audience are students interestedin data management issues, and teachers who want to set-upa course on Web Data Modeling and large-scale datamanagement in distributed and heterogeneous environments.

You will find class materialincluding slides, exercices, and documentation on the sofwares that can support practical learning sessions and projects. We also supply many examples of data,code and programs.

Take and use

You may take one copy of the book draft for personal use but not fordistribution. Please do not post the draft on other web sites, instead,please put a link to this site. We are glad if our effortscontribute to the development and understanding of this emerging and exciting information management area. We appreciate if you informus of any public use, and acknowledge this use to your audience.