Oklahoma City’s best furniture store

Mathis Brothers Furniture is the best furniture store in Oklahoma City. It has been a great place for all budget decorators in the Sooner State to find great furniture at terrific prices since 1960. No matter your furniture needs - bedroom, living room, dining room and even patio, Mathis Brothers Furniture has a wonderful selection for you to choose from.

Furniture like this can be found at Mathis Brothers Furniture in Oklahoma City.


Prices - Mathis Brothers Furniture has great prices, even for new furniture. When shopping at Mathis Brothers Furniture, remember to check out their clearance department. Dont forget to ask about slightly damaged furniture as well; with just a little work or clever placement of the furniture, no one would know it was damaged.

Selection - Mathis Brothers Furniture has everything you could need to furnish your home. Whether you need bedroom furniture or a new dining room set, you will find what you want in their giant storeroom. They even have patio furniture for your outdoor decorating needs.

Customer Service - Mathis Brothers Furniture has the friendliest and most knowledgeable sales staff in Oklahoma City. Best of all, they arent pushy or overly-aggressive when it comes to their sales techniques. And, they can help with choosing the right styles, colors and fabrics that will let your personality shine through.

Mathis Brothers is the best furniture store in Oklahoma City. This family owned business has been around for since the 1940s so they have been making customers happy for decades. Whenever you need furniture, think Mathis Brothers Furniture in Oklahoma City.

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