Are you looking for gadgets that has an USB?

Freakgadgets's USB port category have a bunch of gadgets which will catch you interested! We are very lucky actually where we lived in the 21st century that surrounding by all kinds of innovation gadgets. And most of them that we have never heard of it too! Don't worry, grab a coffee or some chips and we are going to list out the best gadgets in


The R2D2 Projection Alarm Clock 

It is just a star wars robot that projects your time onto the wall! Very suitable for teenagers from age 7 - 30. 


Solar Backpack charger

It is an innovating backpack that features a solar panel on the front, has a very big storage that can store as many stuff you want. Very suitable for jungle tracking, hiking and camping.


Roadie Guitar Tuner

A very clever gadgets that can store up to more than 10 custom tune. So now you can share only a guitar with your friends and plug this into it to restore your own tuning. Unfortunately, it only works in electric guitars so if you have one then you're in luck! 

There are a whole lot more in, Have a look in it to check more about them!