What is graphic art design?

Graphic art design refers to artistic and professional disciplines and processes used in visual communication, often on behalf of businesses and organizations. Graphic art designs are created using elements of typography, layout and visual images, such as photographs and illustrations.HistoryGraphic art design dates back to prehistory, with the pictographs found in the Lascaux caves in France from more than 10,000 years ago. Around 1450 A.D., Johann Gutenburg perfected the printing press in Germany. In the 19th century, Englishman William Morris set up an early design firm, and the graphic arts industry was born.

Elements of designGraphic art designers seek to effectively communicate a message visually, often in the service of selling a product. They use elements of typography, shape, color, photography and illustration in juxtaposition with each other to deliver their message.

Print DesignTraditionally, graphic design has been used to create images for printed pieces such as magazines, product packaging and advertisements. Typography and layout are critical elements in successful print design.

Corporate designCorporate and business design is a lucrative sub-genre of graphic art design. Corporations hire design firms to create logos that represent them in the public eye. Graphic designers create graphic identity programs for corporations, including everything from logos to brochures, annual reports and Websites.

Electronic designToday, electronic digital devices--such as lap top computers and hand held devices connected to the internet--are in the forefront of a graphic design revolution. Designers use the traditional elements of design to create images for new media such as the internet and gaming, often incorporating animation and interactive elements as well.

Software toolsWith the digital revolution of the past twenty years, the tools of the graphic artist have changed. Most graphic design in now executed on specialized software such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Graphics Suite. Adobe is the leader in design software, with several leading programs for specific design purposes, such as Adobe Flash for web animation and interactive web design.

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