Rule: Don't use too man divs because it's not semantic. HTML5: New semantic tags take the place of divs. WHAT?

That's the logic of the world. Don't do something until we change the rules. Now you can actually end up with more tags (making the files larger---ooooh sue me). HOWEVER, because they are semantic, it's ok now. WHAT? This is the stuff I'm supposed to put up with??? Ok, don't fill up that glass with water. Water is now called soap. You can fill up a glass with soap. HA HA HA HA! SEMANTICS!!!!!!!!!! RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your page should function without JavaScript. Ok. But use CSS3. What about other browsers? Oh, use JavaScript to make them work in those browsers. But I thought... NO SHUT UP. Just do it. But.. NO YOU'RE WRONG.

You should cross the street as fast as possible. Ok. But never use any kind of vehicle. Ok. Now here's a bike. Use it to the cross the street. But you said.. DO IT. But. Wait. That's not a bike it's a duck. A duck is not a vehicle. Therefore use the duck to cross the street. HUH?