gov and edu backlinks


Quality of EDU and GOV Backlinks

Not all backlinks are created equal, some can negatively impact your site’s ranking. For instance, earning backlinks from gambling, porn, or pill-selling websites can only harm your Google rankings. You don’t want backlinks from websites that feature too many advertisements, display poorly written content, or remain un-moderated with too many spam comments. If a website has too many links and too little content, this is another red flag that can’t be ignored. Use the disavowing tools by Google to eliminate these backlinks for a healthy link profile.

Social Media Presence

How active you are on social media will play a big role in your backlinking success as well. Wide social media presence can earn you several backlinks from quality sources. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc. allow you to effortlessly reach a huge reader base. Some followers may be inspired by your content, craft their own perspective in a blog post, and backlink to your website source.

Backlink Anchor Text

While this isn’t something you have complete control over, careful crafting of your content can help to some extent. Backlink anchor text is the text through which a website backlinks to your content within an article. Such anchor text is taken into consideration by Google algorithms to determine which keywords your website should rank for. Take advantage of the helpful Moz tool to analyze your backlink anchor text and manage your Anchor text cloud natural.