M3iworks Announces an All-New Website Maintenance Program Designed to Save Companies Up to 50% of Website Staffing Costs; To Kickoff the Program, M3iw

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Silicon Valley companiesspend millions to maintain their websites. Content-heavy sites andtransaction sites are the biggest culprits, sometimes taking 3 or morefull-time staff. With fully burdened staffing costs at $100,000 or moreper head, demand is growing for a lower-cost solution.

Born out of work with Sun Microsystems

"We started working with Sun 16 years ago, and they have outsourced much of their website support and maintenance tasks to M3iworks. We are cost-effectively providing 16 skill sets and supply over 25 different web and intranet services to meet Sun's ongoing web needs. We built cost-saving methodologies that, after a hard look, were compelling enough for us to create a program."

Linda Gold, CEO M3iworks

M3iworks is local, deploying no offshore resources ... providing Silicon Valley companies with fast, secure, and accurate web updates.

"M3iworks does a great job of executing our web strategy. My team can now focus all of its time and talent on creating effective web marketing programs, and leave the execution and ongoing support to M3iworks. I never have to worry about the results -- M3iworks does a great job every time. Their approach to web maintenance and support saves us time and money, and lets us focus on our core business."

Fadi Azhari, Sun Microsystems About M3iworks: "We put Silicon Valley on the Web"

Founded in 1981, M3iworks has more than 23 years of experience creating successful technology solutions for private, public, and non-profit organizations in the Bay Area. M3iworks provides 16 skill sets and 25 different services for Web and Intranet design, development, and ongoing maintenance. Selected as a top-10 web design firm and top 50 woman-owned business by the Silicon Valley Business Journal year after year, M3iworks has served clients such as Sun Microsystems, Apple, IBM, Charles Schwab, SonicWall, San Jose State University, and Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group, as well as other firms and organizations.

M3iworks' corporate headquarters are located at 1258 Park Avenue, San Jose, CA.

For more information on M3iworks: Phone 408-293-9654, ext. 841 Fax 408-293-0241 Website: http://www.m3iworks.com/ For more information, contact: Skip Sanzeri, Corporate Communications, M3iworks 24x7 Phone: 650-504-0465 E-mail: [email protected]

CONTACT: Skip Sanzeri, Corporate Communications of M3iworks, +1-650-504-0465, or [email protected]

Web site: http://www.m3iworks.com/