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COMPUTER: That thing thats really clever but doesnt understand anything you tell it to do! It looks like a TV, but if you spend enough time in front of it, you will make money from it.

ISP: Internet Service Provider

SERVER: A computer that stores web page files and makes them available to the internet.

DNS: Domain Name Server, The address of the server, it looks like this ###.###.###.### or this, NS1.XXXXXXXX.COM (XXX = a word, and ### = a number)

DOMAIN:Is a unique set of characters used to identify a piece of cyberspace. These characters are called a DOMAIN NAME, NO TWO CAN BE THE SAME. They look like MMM.XXXXXX.com/net/web,etc..( MMM = www)

PARKED DOMAIN:A Domain name that has been registered but hasnt been HOSTED.

HOSTING: The service that provides a SERVER for a DOMAIN.

So we can see that a DOMAIN can be HOSTED on a SERVER and then files can be added to the DOMAIN and this will give you a..

WEBSITE: All the files hosted on a server and are available on the internet using the unique DOMAIN NAME

WEBPAGE: Any ONE of the Files (pages) on a WEBSITE they each have an NAME that comes after the DOMAIN NAME. Like this; MMM.XXXX.com/NAME

URL: The address of any WEBPAGE

HTML: Is the base language from which web pages are made.


Here are two of the most common questions from Newbies. One is technical the other is Marketing related.

How do I make my hyperlink open in a new window and why do I want that to happen?

HERES HOW in response to a question I received recently about creating a Download page

It answers the above questions and gives some other valuable tips.

TIP #1

Hi, I clicked on your XXXXX link and found that it worked fine. However, it loaded the XXXXX page in the same window as yours, so I was taken away from your download page, very inconvenient for someone trying to download.

To fix it do this: Add target=_blank into the code after the URL. Make sure you save your original page first and work on a copy, then when your copy is done upload it and test it, then save it as the original on your desk top, then upload the new original to your server. Done!

(In this example I use [ ] instead of V brackets, to make this publishable.)

[a href="http://www.xxx.com/productstarget="blank"]Click here[/a]

Tip #2

Heres a friendly way make prospects SAVE YOUR EBOOK full of your links on their computer. If you don't do this they might just look at the ebook in their browser and then close it. You will have lost them maybe for ever, but if you made them save it onto their hard drive; you will always get another chance, even if they remove themselves from your mailing list. The links are still in the E book on their computer, and who knows when they might open it again and go click!

HERES HOW: Just use this as a guide.

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