Cleaning with Allergies - Quick Tips

Assail (and remove it), don't inhale it! Here's how:

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Use a high quality low-moisture steam vapor cleaning machine (example, not an endorsement) since steam vapor deep cleans and sanitizes without chemicals, and kills dustmites, bedbugs, etc. Steam vapor also helps remove protein allergens to avoid triggering allergic reactions.Steam VaporBrush the dog (or cat) regularly outdoors so hair and dander does not shed indoors.Use large entrance mats to stop dust at the door.Use a vacuum that traps rather than blows dust.Use a duster that removes rather than redistributes dust (a damp cloth, microfiber cloth, Swiffer-type duster all work well).Use a high-efficiency filter on the central heat/ac to capture airborne allergens and run the fan constantly to maintain air cleanliness.Initially, wear an N95 dust mask and have the kids wear them during cleaning until dust is under better control.

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