The Secret of Successful Dieters – Top 10 Weight Loss Advices from People Who Lost 100+ Pounds

We asked, and you delivered. Many thanks to all who contributed. Literally 100+ tips were emailed in and posted on Facebook. All of the tips had been compiled, and a common pattern began to take shape. Here they are – 10 of the best weight loss tips from people who have lost over 100 pounds. 94.3 % Think Drink Water is Important Drinking a lot of water is the most useful tool in a dieter’s arsenal when weight loss is a goal. It helps boosts your metabolism, suppresses your appetite, and helps you shed water weight. Getting in the recommended 8-10 glasses each day could be difficult, but with perseverance, you will soon be on the right course of using drinking water to your bodyweight loss advantage. 93.6 % Think Eat Broccoli is Important Best nutritious vegetable? Broccoli wins hands down. Eat it raw or cooked — as long as you don’t cover it with cheese sauce, it can be part of your weight-loss repertoire. You simply can’t get a bigger dose of more nutrients from any other vegetable, especially for so few calories. That’s key for those who are trying to lose weight. You want to meet nutrient needs while eating within your plan. 91.6 % Think Keep a Food Journal is Important Write down everything that switches into your mouth. A lot of people were surprised to observe how much they were in fact consuming. It wasn’t until they wrote it down that they started to realize the trigger and aftereffect of what they were placing into their bodies. 88.7% Think Never Give Up is Important Weight loss happens the moment you don’t quit. Many people don’t recognize how close these were to success. There comes a period when things simply click, but that doesn’t happen until you’re prepared to give up and contact it quits. The much longer you stay with it, the higher your probability of success. Excersice forward, and don’t ever quit! 86.8 % Think Diets is Important Dansinger recommends eating a diet that minimizes starches, added sugars, and animal fat from meats and dairy foods. For fast weight loss, he recommends concentrating on fruits, vegetables, egg whites, soy items, skinless poultry breasts, seafood, shellfish, non-fat dairy foods, and 95% lean meat. “Even though you write it straight down on a napkin and end up throwing it apart, the act of composing it down is about getting accountable to yourself and is an effective tool for weight reduction," says Bonnie Taub Dix, MA, RD. 82.7% Think Educate Yourself is Important Learn the whys. Don’t simply do something because someone said to. Understand the purpose behind it. Many people just want a meal plan or blueprint to follow for weight loss. However, the successful people that lost weight and kept it off long term started taking an interest in how nutrition and exercise impact their bodies. They learned the “whys” behind what they were doing, and they were more successful because of it. Read the rest 4 Tips on