Ideas for a Cheap Kitchen Renovation or Makeover

Ideas for a Cheap Kitchen Renovation or Makeover

Redoing your kitchen doesnt need to break the bank. Whether youre doing a complete renovation or a tiny cosmetic makeover these tips are sure to help you fit within your budget.

Wall Treatments

-Stamps and Stencils can add a great deal of character and charm to your walls without costing much money. There are many styles of stamps and stencils available online as well most hobby and home supply stores. To make your stencils and stamps evenly spaced measure out sections of your wall with a tape measure or yard stick and then outline the area youd like the stencil or stamp to be in with blue painters tape. You can also skip the measuring process if youd prefer a more random look.

-Chalkboard paint is a fun and easy addition to your walls. The uses are endless from an entire wall to a backsplash. You can use chalkboard paint on the walls to leave messages, play tic-tac-toe or write out your to-do lists. Apply it the same way as latex paint, generally you only need one coat, then let it sit and cure for two days before using chalk on it.

-A fresh coat of paint may sound simple but washing your walls or putting on a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to brighten and beautify your kitchen.

-Wood paneling can be cute (in the form of wainscoting) or dated (think 60s-70s). If your kitchen suffers from dated wood paneling but you cant afford to tear it out consider painting it so it better matches the style of your kitchen. Before painting the paneling youll need to put on a thick coat of shellac based primer, keep the area well ventilated while you do so, after it dries you can use any color of latex paint you like.


-Paint can take you cupboards out of the dark ages (or the 70s) and bring them into the present. White paint is great for a country or vintage style kitchen. A dark chocolate brown paint or black lacquer is perfect for a modern style kitchen.

-Hardware is easily replaced with a few tools and can instantly update your cabinets. With hinges and pulls in every price range youre sure to find a set you like within your budget. Cabinet hardware is available online, at home supply store, big box stores and even EBay. Bronze hardware works well in rustic or Tuscan style kitchens while stainless steel works best in modern kitchens. Pewter, brushed nickel and glass compliment vintage, shabby chic and country style kitchens.

-Replace the fronts of you kitchen cupboards and drawers. Your local cabinet maker can make new doors for you cabinets at a fraction of the cost of installing all new cabinets. This can also provide the opportunity to splurge on glass inserts that you couldnt afford during your last remodel.