2006 Los Angeles Dodgers Survey

2005 Overview: Brought by newly closed 2nd baseman Jeff Kent (.289 29 105), the Los Angeles Dodgers published an unimpressive 71-91 record in 2005. Hee-Seop Choi (.253 15 4-2) and 1st basemen Olmedo Saenz (.263 15 63) joined outfielder Milton Bradley (.290 13 38) and late period pickup Jose Cruz (.301 6 2-2) to supply nearly all the groups offense for the year. Catcher Jason Phillips (.238 19 5-5) and outfielder J.D. To research additional information, we understand people check out: http://kentusa.com. Drew (.286 15 36) also helped add some play the lineup as Los Angeles concluded the full 1-1 games to 2005 behind the Division Champion Hillcrest Padres. Pitchers Jeff Weaver (1-4 11 4.22), Derek Lowe (12 15 3.61) and Brad Penny (7-9 3.90) combined to offer a majority of the teams quality begins while reliever Yhency Brazoban (4-10 5.33 21 saves) secured the back-end of the bullpen. Off Season Moves: The Dodgers signed a number of free agents in the off-season to handle their needs. To explore more, please consider glancing at: discount http://www.kentusa.com. Free agent Nomar Garciaparra (.283 9 30) was signed to play first base, Bill Mueller (.295 1-0 62) to play third, Rafael Furcal (.284 1-2 5-8) to play shortstop and Kenny Lofton (.335 2 36) to play centerfield. Milton Bradley was sent to the A's and the group included NY Met Jae Seo (8-2 2.59) and Giants free agent Brett Tomko (8-15 4.48) for the starting rotation. The LA Dodgers addressed their bullpen requirements by picking-up sooner Danys Baez (5-4 2.86) and reliever Lance Carter (1-2 4.89) who had been signed from your Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Kentusa contains more concerning the purpose of it. Be taught more on a partner article - Click this web page: www.kentusa.com. 2006 Analysis: Mueller, Garciaparra and Furcal were all solid pickups and should reduce the dependence on Kent to-do all the score in 2006. The Dodgers are wanting Garciaparra could play healthy for a whole time and they expect him to shock skeptics who believe he's damaged goods. Furcal has an absolute canon for a supply and is a point within the infield. Fans should expect him to intensify his game still another degree in 2006 following the Braves let him break free. Seo had possibly the best 2nd half of the Met pitchers last time. The Mets thought so that they were willing to trade him for reliever Duaner Sanchez his 2005 year was essentially a fluke. The Dodgers are wanting Seo can offer a substantial level of quality innings in 2006. Supporters shouldnt assume Tomko to complete much better then last year but the Dodgers still need him to enhance o-n his 8-15 record however. Supporters also ought to be confident the off season bullpen signings may help. Both Baez and Carter will be welcome additions. Baez specifically was chased by a few different teams and the Dodgers were lucky to grab him. Some people might be surprised by the Dodgers in the NL West In case a handful of the offensive pieces may come together. Most experts would indicate the truth that the starting pitching is still too shaky to select the team for any serious contention in 2006..