New low cost airline to offer cheap flights to Malta

New low cost airline to offer cheap flights to Malta

The announcement was made immediately after Norwegian AS -- a single of Europe's top low-expense airlines -- successfully concluded negotiations with Malta International Airport (MIA) and the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA), opening the doors for Norwegian AS to operate the route providing low-cost flights to Malta.

Norwegian Air Shuttle will operate two flights to Malta a week, each Tuesday and Saturday, and is expected to move tourism to Malta in Norway, supplying the Mediterranean island with a new influx in tourism. Joining the likes of Ryanair, who have been operating direct routes to Malta for more than a year with relative good results.

The addition of yet yet another low expense airline is expected to further boost tourist numbers visiting Malta and Norwegian Air Shuttle opens a window of opportunity to attract more Scandinavian tourists to go to the Maltese islands. Maltas economic climate heavily depends on tourism and the introduction of low expense airlines to offer you low cost flights to Malta is seen as a good move by the authorities who had been protective of national airline Air Malta initially.

Norwegian AS commenced operations in September 2002 with 4 domestic routes and six B737-300 aircraft but has grown considerably given that then and today has 31 aircrafts and an further 53 new B737-800's on order from early subsequent year. The low-expense airline gives a flight network of 128 routes to 76 destinations from Norway, Sweden and Poland.

\We are very proud to incorporate Malta in our currently substantial European network\ stated Daniel Skjeldam, Chief Commercial Officer of Norwegian AS.

\Malta has constantly been a favourite destination for Scandinavians and we realised that there is a great demand, judging from the many enquiries we receive from our customers. Identify additional resources on our affiliated article directory by visiting best moods of norway norway clothing. Get further on our related URL - Click here: like us on facebook. We think that with low costs and a direct flight, it will be a achievement\. This original intangible link has some telling warnings for where to deal with this thing. Browse here at to check up the meaning behind it. Mr Skjeldam added.

He went on to say that the airline is collaborating with the MTA and MIA to promote the route in Norway, supplying cheap flights to Malta, and he expressed his appreciation for the help that both entities have shown throughout..