How long do laminate floors last before the finish is gone or scratched?

Actually, laminate flooring is pretty tough!! I have a client who has preschoolers and two dogs. The floor was laid three years ago. It looks pretty good. There are, of course, a few small scratches here and there, but they chose a high end floor, and it has stood the test of time.

It's all in the quality of the flooring, and the underlayment. She has spoken to me about possibly replacing it with either an engineered floor, or a hardwood floor in the next two to three years, as the kids get older.

I think you can count on about 5 years, with normal wear and tear, with kids and dogs. Maybe longer, if the kids are taught to be careful, and the dogs have their nails clipped regularly. Buy a high quality 9mm thick flooring, with avery good under pad, and you will get years of wear and it will be easy to keep clean with a damp mop and mild soap and water!!