Smoking is injurious to health



A cigarette is a small thin cylinder which is filled with tobacco leaves and  rolled into a thin white  paper  used for smoking. This was since from the 9th century where Cigarettes had appear to have antecedents in Mexico and Central America in the form of tubes and reeds.

As centuries passed by the cigarettes were widely spread all over. Both men and women consume this which is not good for health and it almost leads to cancer especially.

The cigarette is ignited at the tip and allowed to smoulder , where the smoke is held at the other end through the mouth. It is not that cigarettes are filled only with tobacco leaves , it is also filled with cloves or cannabis.

Cigarettes leads to serious health risks which are more prevalent than with other tobacco products . Nicotine, carbon monoxide, acrolein, and other harmful subsatnces are contained  in tobacco which makes the cigarettes a very addictive. Most of the people die due to smoking where they lose 14years of life earlier.  It is not that only men are addicted to it , most of the women are also addicted to it which is not at all good for pregnant women which leads to birth defects,low birth weight, fetal abnormalities and premature birth.