Ease Of Installing A Floating Cork Floor

There is a time in every homeowners life where they are in pursuit of tackling their own home improvement project. The reason behind is trying by all means saving some money. You cant just begin with something difficult like rebuilding your concrete steps, you need to start off some simple projects and struggle your way up to the harder ones. Commonly, its a bit hard installing a new floor in your home; therefore this article is going to explain how simple it is to install a cork that is floating to your home.

First of all you need to look over cork flooring in order to get an idea of the reason as to why it is an excellent solution for your floating floor project. The top benefit of floating cork flooring is the fact that it is green in color and it is a product which is eco- friendly. If looking to go green at your home, then cork is the right material for you to use. It is resistance to moisture, mildew, mold and bacteria. It is also very durable hypoallergenic and comfortable. It is an excellent solution for flooring, though there is much more that you need to understand about it.

Floating floor and its benefit to the average do it yourself homeowner.

The best part of cork floating is very simple to install, unlike the regular cork tiles that need a specific sub-floor, primer, adhesive, sealant, glue etc. This is the overall do it yourself flooring product because it can be installed virtually by anyone. The amazing inter-clickable system will make most of the homeowners amazed since no glue, adhesive or nails are needed.

Floating cork flooring can actually be installed over a floor that is available in your household. Unlike some other systems of floorings that need you to rip up the old floor and re-prep the sub-floor you can fix a floating cork directly over laminate, vinyl, concrete etc. However, you are recommended to do installation over an existing floor that is that is dry, clean and level. You simply need to remove the baseboards which are around the room starting on the longest to begin your installation. Every floating floor plan has got an interclickable system which allows them to simply click together. You need to click it, hit with a rubber mallet and move on. Before you realize how simple or hard it is, you will have installed your first floor.

If you think this type of flooring is right for you, you need to learn more about cork flooring and how it should be done. Make some follow up on the links below, and they will lead you to a site dedicated to creating awareness to the consumers on both of these types of products.

Indeed, floating cork flooring is has been the best choice for all home owners all over the world. There are many more benefits you can enjoy should you make the decision to use the floating cork flooring experts as well.

By: Vikram Kumar

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