Can a Canadian Pharmacy Offer Identical Medications?

Exactly where Your Drugs Come From

Brand-name medicines are made by a specific pharmaceutical organization, who of course holds the rights. As soon as the generic medication becomes accessible, (17 years after the license was issued by the Food and Drug Administration) other organizations can create the generic form of that medication.

The patent protection period allows time for the U.S. pharmaceutical business to recoup the expenses associated with study and development. These name-brand medicines are sold for \whatever the market will bear\ and traditionally, the costs are extremely high. Get more on our related article by going to understandable. After the patent protection period is over, other medication makers begin making the generic form and of course the costs drop.

Sometimes a generic drug becomes available in Canada before the United States. In those instances you can advantage from the lower value for a year or more till the generic is accessible at residence. On the other hand numerous new brand name drugs are accessible here for a year or more before they make their way into Canada. You have the advantage of very first access to individuals improved drugs. At times it can be 12 18 months ahead of it becomes obtainable in Canada, if ever.