Football to Furniture: Keyshawn Johnson's Design Tips

Former NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson has turned his attention from the football field to the designer showroom.

That's right, the man who caught 64 touchdown passes is now focusing on down pillows and chintz curtains.

He stars in a new reality show premiering July 11 on A&E called "Keyshawn Johnson: Tackling Design," which will document his quest to become an interior designer. He'll team with four design assistants to focus on a number of budget-conscious design projects.

Johnson, who won a Super Bowl title with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and played for the New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys and other teams during his 11-year career, says he has always had a passion for design.

null"I got tired of paying interior designers," he told "Good Morning America." He decided he was "going to go out and do it on my own."

After building his own home in Los Angeles and doing all the design for it, he was able to sell it for a profit.

"I'm on to something," he says. "I've always felt like I can do it better than anyone else."

Johnson stopped by "Good Morning America" to share some of his top tips.

Keyshawn Johnson's Decorating TipsPaint Power

Paint is one of the most inexpensive decorating tools you can buy and has an immediate impact on a room, Johnson says. The color can set whatever atmosphere and mood you want to create. Changing the color of a room can also give it new life.

"When you think about color, it can be soothing it can be plain bold," he says.

You even can perk things up by painting cabinets. If you can't replace your kitchen cabinets, just give them a face-lift with paint. Even changing out the cabinet knobs can make a statement.

"This is for someone that wants to save their money," Johnson says. "It's just a quick easy simple way."

Accent Pieces

If you're not in a position to reupholster or buy new furniture, try accent pillows to update their look.

Personal Picks

And don't forget to make a room your own with some personal mementos.

"When you get into homes you want to personalize things," he says. "Don't throw things out."

Johnson always likes to frame and incorporate kids' artwork and personal photos and use them as accessories.

If you put your child's artwork into a "nice frame, [with a] nice matte you can put it in their room or a family room."

He also tends to find purchased art, such as sculptures or architectural pieces that have been tucked away in closets and basements, where nobody can appreciate them, and puts them on display in some manner in a room.

Search your home for "knickknacks, accessories that you find in the basement."