About the First Winter Olympic Games in Chamonix, France, 1924

In 1924, your French Olympic seized about the popularity with the cold-weather sports as well as hosted the first Skiing Week inside Chamonix. Simply Because regarding the buzz in the week, your International Olympic Committee retrospectively named that will winter Sports Week the initial Winter Olympic Video Games in 1925.

Origins with the Winter Olympic Games

An concept introduced inside 1911 through Italian Eugene Brunetta dUsseaux, the winter Olympic games had been initially opposed simply by Scandinavian countries, that failed to desire competition for the Nordic Games.

By 1922, the French Organizing Committee decided to host the particular International Sports Week on its own, without the assistance with the IOC. Your event, which usually last ten days, began about Feb. 25, 1924.

A new ice stadium has been built to end up being able to host the 258 athletes through 16 national organizing committees. The Actual ice arena included a couple of hockey rinks and a 400m ice track. 5 sports were included within the girls swimwear multi-sport event: Bobsled, ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating and also Nordic.

Athletes and also Winners with the 1924 Winter Olympic Games

Despite superior preparation, poor conditions challenged each athletes and organizers. Winter thaws produced circumstances slushy and a lot more difficult as compared to normal.

And although poor weather conditions made an impact, numerous athletes needless for you to say left the games with increased gold when compared with when they arrived, including Finnish speedskater Clas Thunberg, nicknamed Nurmi in Ice. Thunberg earned 3 gold medals, one silver then one bronze throughout his remain in Chamonix.

Canada dominated the particular ice hockey tournament, scoring 122 goals and also permitting merely 3 objectives into the net. Canada would carry on for you to earn the ice hockey tournament in the 1928 and also 1932 Olympic Games, as well, placing second for that first-time within 1936.

American speedskater Charles Jewtraw had been the first at just about any time winter Olympic gold medal chlorine resistant swimwear winner, earning initial location inside the 500m event. He won the sole gold medal earned through the United States of America during the 1924 winter Olympic Games.

In fact, certainly not surprisingly, the actual Scandinavian countries dominated the 1924 Chamonix Games. Norway earned the most medals, using four gold, seven silver and also 6 bronze. Finland finished 2nd in the medal count, taking house 4 gold, one silver then one bronze.

In the end, Frances International Snowboarding Week was a success, promoting 10,004 tickets to become able to spectators. the IOC declared the huge event the initial winter Olympic games throughout 1925 along with scheduled any repeat Video Games inside 1928, being held in St. Moritz.

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