Podcast RSS Feeds


A Podcast RSS feed is what allows the complete system to

Purpose. To start at the beginning, a podcast is a

Typical distribution of audio or visual records, called

Periods, into a users podcast consumer. To get another way of interpreting this, you are asked to check-out: http://www.kswt.com/story/30151770/new-podcast-released-on-why-successful-businesses-put-the-right-people-on-the-bus. The people who use

a podcast are called customers, and the customer

is what allows them to subscribe to a feed. The podcast

client is an application that links to the world wide web, looking

for a specific file the user has subscribed to, or told it to

look for. That report can be an RSS feed, a machine readable

Little bit of code that sends information straight back to the

podcast client. RSS feeds can be used to deliver

Several types of data, and were originally used for

blogging and distributing websites to readers. As

time went on, but, some individuals had the thought of

Attaching information about media files inside the RSS

Supply so that software could possibly be created to locate that

information and download the files defined.