Halloween Charades Ideas Words List


Put all of the Halloween charades ideas in a bowl. A person is selected to go first somehow (maybe the oldest or the youngest, or the host). This person gets to draw a topic out of the bowl. They must then try to act out this charades topic. They aren't allowed to talk. Everybody else must try to guess what is being acted out. The first person to guess correctly gets to act out an idea next. The game can last for as long (or as short) as you want it to.

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Make it spookier!

Why not include some pieces of paper in the bowl that have not only a charades idea, but also instructions to complete a secret task to scare everybody? Don't put one on every piece of paper, just some. That will add to the surprise because nobody will know who the people are that got a secret task.

For example, some secret tasks could be:

Sometime during the next person's turn, scream loudly.Stare at somebody for 60 seconds without talking or moving.Sometime after the charades game, grab somebody from behind.Move all the food bowls from one table to another without anybody seeing you do it. (Then you as the host make halloween gowns a big deal of it... such as 'Hey guys, where did all the food go? How weird. Oh my gosh it's all in the other room! Spooky!)