Cork Flooring-four Best Reasons It Must Your Best Choice Too

White cork flooring is one of the many means of flooring your house. It is regarded as an environmental-friendly means as it is produced from the bark of the oak tree thus is enabling continuously renewal. The entire cork retrieving process is manual and does not utilize any sort of equipment, thus no trees are cut down. This ascertains that there is smooth flow of cork in the coming years. Regardless of the type of floor you select for your house, you should ensure that its durability and resistance to any sort of wear and tear is unwavering. Cork floors have these features. The cork floor has many benefits which are explained below.

1. Long lasting. Owing to its natural characteristics, the floor is tough and surpasses all the other floors in durability. It does not permit moisture entrance a condition that may lead to bacterial growth and fungal accumulation. In addition to being moisture resistant, it is highly elastic a property that makes it greatly flexible. Flexibility ensures that it is not susceptible to damages brought about by falling heavy objects or any excessive shock.

2. Insulating attribute. Cork is made up of a material that can retain heat and cold. Being a good insulator, cork provides required warmth in winter and also provides coolness in summer seasons. This insulation quality makes it preferable to any other types of flooring. The insulation attributes also aids in reducing noise pollution by absorbing noise sounds.

3. Relaxed and easy installation. The installation of the White cork is not complex as they can easily be glued to the floor. The cork floors can easily align to any type of floor whether it is concrete, wood or any other synthetic material. Apart from gluing, the cork floors can be installed using nails. However, it is relatively important to ensure that a surface is dry so as to prevent moisture retention and also make it easy to attach the sealer. When installing a new cork floor, spread glue and place flooring tiles one after the other. To ascertain that the floors are effectively stuck, use a floor roller and roll it over the cork floor. The other means of installing cork floors is by use of the floating process. This process encompasses locking various pieces of tiles together.

4. They are easy to maintain. Cork floors require easy maintenance. To keep the floor sparkles, sweep dirt and dust by use of a broom and then carefully mop the cork floor. Due to the toughness and roughness of the cork floors, the finishing might wear off. In case of such predicament, use floor sanders to sand floor lightly. After sanding the cork floor completely, apply a urethane coating to increase protection of the floor. Use more urethane coating to make the floor water resistant.

By: Vikram Kumar

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