How Fit Do You Need To Be For Scuba Diving?

One of the great things about scuba diving is that it offers a fantastic chance to interact with the natural environment whilst engaging in high quality family time! It is an activity that is appropriate for individuals of all ages and athletic abilities which tends to make it a great family members activity. Nevertheless, even although the effect of weightlessness that being under water creates, scuba diving does require some degree of strength and stamina. With that in mind, let's take a appear at some of the health and fitness specifications that you ought to think about if you would like to take up scuba diving.

Are You Match Enough?

One of the most essential issues to realise about scuba diving is that the circumstances can be unpredictable. That means that from time to time you may require to carry out a strenuous task with small notice if any unexpected situation arises. You might also require to swim against the current or for an extended period of time in order to reach your dive site or return to the surface. All of this means that you will require to have a reasonable standard of fitness and mobility in order to cope with the demands that scuba diving will put on your physique. This is why you must disclose any illness or injuries when you are learning.

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Conditions That Restrict Your Ability to Dive

There are a quantity of medical circumstances and/or illnesses which can mean that you will be unable to participate in scuba diving temporarily. These consist of colds, flu, joint/muscle injuries and also pregnancy. In the case of colds and flu, these illnesses can outcome in swelling and blockages in the sinuses and airways which could make it difficult for your body to equalize with the water stress during a dive. Similarly, joint and muscle injuries can not only restrict your range of motion in the water, but also can trigger an elevated risk of decompression illness, so it is very best to wait until such injuries are fully healed prior to participating.

In terms of pregnancy, the primary problem is that there is no data regarding the effects that scuba diving could have on an unborn child, therefore this kind of sport is not suggested during pregnancy and a accountable dive tour company will not permit pregnant ladies to participate.

Enjoying Your Experience

With all of the above, you might be a little place off of attempting scuba diving! However, as long as you are in great health and moderately match you can appreciate this activity. Even if you do have a long term health situation, it does not necessarily imply that you can't participate, it might be the case that you simply need consent from your physician. It is also very best to make your instructor or dive leader conscious of any circumstances that you have so that they can be ready. Even if you have restricted mobility you could nonetheless participate in scuba diving by joining shallower dives and those accessed from shore.