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Very excited that I now have a dentist I feel comfortable referring my family and friends too. As soon as I entered Bee Cave, I abandoned my fears and just went with the well organized flow of the office. Return trip for 6 month cleaning. Your doctor will remove approximately ½ millimetre of enamel from the surface of the tooth, which is approximately the thickness of the veneer that will be added to the surface of the tooth.   They provided everything needed for the protocol with explicit directions received extra soft brushes, two types of mouth rinses for different stage of recovery, sonic are. You may also use our on-line appointment request form to schedule your appointment.  She is a dentist that truly cares about your health and well-being. Specialized combinations of treatment methods and common oral medications enable Dr. Providing extraordinary results with a genteel touch. Tomasik before for myself and loved it!

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Your Bee Cave cosmetic dentist does many things for you beside make your smile more radiant. All the staff, from the receptionist, dental hygienist, to the dentist Dr. You may also be asked to wear a sleep guard to protect your teeth if you grind your teeth in your sleep.   The cosmetic dentist must take into account the size, shape, textures, contours and colon of your tooth relative to your other teeth. Seeking treatment for your gum disease early can help save your teeth. Dr. bee cave cosmetic dentist Rugby is a certified prosthodontist. So much so that I am sometimes prescribed some sort of anxiety reducing medication before an appointment. They go out of their way to accommodate my special needs. This business offers discounts to seniors or makes other efforts to be senior friendly.