Differentiate between Performance appraisals and Performance Management.?

Best Answer: I hope I am not doing your "homework" for you! Here goes: First forget the word "management" - focus on "performance" - simple eh! So the difference is quite simple. The Performance Appraisals, are in essence, what the "management" sees in your work. The Performance Management is the course of ACTION, Management will proceed to teach you in order to Improve your Performance. This would only take place if you were not "fired" and the company saw potential in you. They would send you or internally, match you, like "mentoring". Usually the company will give a Performance Review in 6-months, and if that one is OK your on the way. If not, be prepared to be Released! NOW, do you understand the difference between the two?

Source(s): Many years in Human Resouce Management..

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