How do I create a semi-circle with laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring offers a cheap, easy way to get the look of hardwood without the trouble of a hardwood floor installation. Most contemporary systems involve clipping together planks of plasticized flooring. It is fairly straightforward to cut a semicircular section into such a floor, but since you are cutting away the clips, you will have to figure out a way to get the edges to join reliably.Cutting a SemicircleTemporarily lay out the sections from which you will cut the semicircle and clip them together on a work surface. Don't worry--they will be easy to unclip after you are finished cutting. Draw out a semicircle with a string of sufficient length attached to a tack at the proper location to give you the desired curve. Cut out the semicircle with a jig saw, using masking tape around the contour to prevent chipping. After you have finished cutting, unclip the boards.

Don't forget to cut the obverse semicircle from the boards that will butt against the flooring you just cut. You can use the off-cut to mark this out on another section of flooring that you have clipped together. Cut this section in the same way, then unclip the boards.

InstallationAs you install the flooring, you will need a way to join the curved edge you have just created. Cut a semicircular arc about 2 inches wide from a thin piece of plywood, a scrap piece of plastic laminate or a piece of heavy canvas. The center of this arc should match the semicircle you cut out of the laminate flooring. When the installation brings you to the semicircular section, apply contact cement to the inside half of the arc and to the underside of the first piece of flooring in the semicircular section and stick them together. Clip this board to the rest of the flooring and then apply glue to the outside of the arc and to the underside of the obverse piece. Clip on the obverse piece and press down on the semicircular joint so that it sticks securely.

Continue with the installation and when you come to other pieces in the semicircular section, glue them in the same way. The gluing process will be easier for subsequent boards because the arc already will be secured in place.

Staggered BoardsYou must stagger boards when you are installing a laminate floor so you will need to take this into account when you cut out the semicircle. When you clip together the boards from which you cut out the section, be sure they have the same staggering pattern as you plan for the rest of the floor. Also, plan the location of the semicircle so that the clipped seams on the uncut ends of the boards will be staggered with the rest of the floor.

Source:The Laminate Flooring Guide: Installing Laminate Flooring

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