Best Paying Jobs And Sectors For Graduates In Singapore

Want to know the average salary for your position in Singapore? Here will be the latest set of up-to-date, quality salary surveys based on salary levels check here and employment trends. . Want to understand the average salary to your position in Singapore? Here professional services will be the latest listing of up-to-date, quality salary surveys according to salary levels and employment trends.

To secure a senior executive position, candidates should ideally possess an postgraduate qualification from an internationally accredited universities, An MBA in Singapore or an Executive Master of Science program will probably be highly desirable to ensure excellent career options. . . . Advertising and Advertising Manager - $7,533.

Advertising and Advertising Manager - $7,533. . Performance bonuses, profit sharing and stock options aren't included in the indicative average monthly salary.

Market Research Analyst - $5,174. . Lawyer (Except advocate and solicitor) - $7,400.

While top doctors and architects a lot of money, engineers continue to be underpaid using a mere $0. . . . As per survey by Singapore Medical Association, median monthly income to get a doctor is $13,75 Average of top 4th and 5th earners is taken to check here calculate meridian income.