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Latest Techno-Gadgets Released Just in Time for Christmas Electronic gadgets from television screens to cell phones are getting to be an every day tool for millions of people world wide. Technology has brought us gadgets that allow us to connect to the world at the touch of your mouse. It has made the globe a smaller spot to are now living in. Time is not a constraint in communication. Technology has brought convenience in every elements of life from banking, shopping, arrivals, online schooling as well as the list continues on. What impact has technology to family life? So what is beta testing? Well, it does not take testing of an software merchandise that is done before its commercial launch when it can still be modified as needed. There are two sides to beta testing. There are the software program engineers that appear to be for technical faults and glitches there will be the regular people who be beta testers that confirm the usability and every day functionality of an software application. You can turned into a beta tester too. You wont need any previous experience or references plus it wont obstruct you regular job or daily schedule as everything is performed from your home. Another popular phone may be the Pink BaoXing V100, which is very feminine phone, detailed with dual sim, JAVA, and it even carries a flashlight. The phone is extremely thin, using a width of only 8 mm, that makes it suitable for delicate hands. Because it is so slim, it might fit easily in the pocket or clutch bag. The BaoXing V100 has a 2 inch LCD screen and 640 by 480 pixel camera. It supports MP3 playback and is sold with Stereo speakers. BlackBerry PlayBook - It is a tablet device that supports web browsing Flash Player 10.1 and HTML5 for browse graphics and animation. The Blackberry PlayBook has a 7-inch multitouch screen, a 1GHz dual-core CPU -as the easiest tablet ever, 1GB of RAM: and 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB of storage, 3 mega pixel camera around the front in addition to there like a 5 mega pixel camera for the back, that can enable video - conferencing. The Blackberry PlayBook is equipped with a 7-inch multitouch screen; a 1GHz dual-core CPU; 1GB of RAM; and 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB of storage. This device has two HD cameras in addition to high-quality speakers and a mini-HDMI port. Blackberry Playbook also allows multi-tasking. Striiv- The quantity of regular activity you perform during the day along with the amount of steps youre taking are both key elements to understand when attemping to remain healthy. This small and sleek pedometer is a great fitness gadget to record just how much you need to do throughout every day. The coolest part concerning the Striiv pedometer is that it is connected to a gaming platform in which you take part in a number of different challenges, so that as this article describes, will help you in competing with other users visit link to boost money many different charities. Miles walked, minutes spent active in the daytime and variety of stairs climbed are common measurements taken from the Striiv.