3 Reasons Businesses Should Use Email Marketing

In a socially-driven market wherein businesses have social media and search engine marketing at their disposal, many wonder why these businesses still utilize email marketing in their marketing strategy.

Just this 2014, a survey conducted by Direct Marketing Association (DMA) revealed that more than half of those surveyed are planning to increase their budget on email marketing, citing that this channel has provided impressive return of investment.

So what is it about email marketing that makes even veterans in the marketing world keep coming back for more?

Reason #1 Detailed Statistics

One advantage in email marketing is that it gives you actionable insights about your campaign. Compared to other channels like television or billboards, email marketing can give a lot of information about the success, or failure, of a campaign. You can see the opens and clicks, how much time recipients spend reading your emails, and even the devices they use.

Reason #2 It Gives You More Time for Business

This is especially important to small businesses that do not have a marketing department. With just an average of 40 minutes, you can set up your first email marketing campaign!

Reason #3 It Protects Your Bottom Line

Every dollar counts when you run a business. The quicker you get your return in investment, the better. According to DMA, the ROI for every dollar spent on email marketing is about $44.25. It is clear that email marketing can really deliver outstanding results for businesses!

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