A quick installation guide of kitchen countries and solid wood counters.

Solid wood counter-tops are natural services and products made of wood from trees approximately 120 years of age. To explore additional info, consider looking at: analyze round wooden table tops. Wood is just a living material and the more water gets, the more the wood counter will increase. The wood we used in solid wood worktops is previously kiln dried to a humidity level of 6%, and it is therefore important the worktop is not exposed to a constantly high level of humidity. Typically the humidity level in kitchens is about 50-70%.

The solid wood top should be attached to the cabinet box using only wood screws and washers. It's maybe not recommended at all to stick the top on the case box; the top and the field expand and contract at different rates, therefore breaks may eventually appear, almost certainly on the units' surface. This great custom wood table top site has a few splendid aids for how to allow for it.

The right way of adding a great wood top is using metal fixings along the cupboard box (see our web site).

The metal fixings must be evenly distributed through the entire period of the very best, spread at a 1' - 1.5' distance from one another. Across the width, the top is usually fixed to one in the center, each metal support with three screws, one toward the top edge and one toward a corner edge. The supports have to be completely leveled; otherwise concerns can form in the wood, resulting in bending, cupping, or cracks. We discovered purchase table tops for sale by browsing books in the library.