4 methods to make your Word file slim

4 ways to make your Word document \slim\

We shall discuss some related to your workplace daily work. Did the following situation be encountered by you? You wish to send an with a Word file attachment, however the email can't be send out trigger the Word file is too big. Be taught more on our favorite related site by visiting slim pink pleaser. And many efforts are wasted by you to make the document lean. You can try the next methods, which can decrease the size a lot.

1. Save as

In Menu, choose \File "> Save As\, and save the document with a fresh name. You can evaluate the new file with original one; you'll realize that the file size of new one is a lot smaller.

You may also work in this way. Find the entire information of the document, copy and paste it to a new blank document and save your self it. Again, you will that quality of two documents is different.

2. Remove old types

The file size will undoubtedly be greater, if there are numerous old types kept in the file. In Menu, pick \File "> Version\, always check to see when there is any old version saved. Those versions can be deleted by you without any value to really make the file slim.

3. Put image correctly

\Insert Picture\ is one of the major causes for the phrase report get fat. If you think you know anything at all, you will possibly desire to learn about pink pleaser info. Attempt to put a smaller image. Graphic editor can be used by you to lessen the size of image before place in to the report. The data format must use GIF or JPG and don't use these high-resolution image, like BMP. Click here pink vibrator to read the meaning behind this viewpoint.

4. Do not \Embed True Variety Font\

\Embed True Type Font\ increase how big term file. My father discovered research pink vibrator by browsing the Internet. In Menu, choose \Tools "> Options\, move to \Save\ tab page. Confirm that your concept record haven't any correct type font, and end the \Embed True Type Font\ option. If you add true variety font, then pick \Embed characters in use only\.

Take to the aforementioned four methods, you will see your word report getting lean..