5 Acne Treatment Blunders That Are Damaging YOUR Skin ... and How to Stop the Cycle


It generally does not *sound* as bad as it makes us Experience, does it? Who knew that a simple 4-letter word could be the reason behind so much cara untuk menghilangkan jerawat di hidung, panic and angst? You understand about maintaining your skin clean and nixing an excessive amount of "bad foods" from your own diet ... yet your acne continues to get worse.

But why ... and how will you STOP the damage?

There are options. First, make sure you're not sabotaging all wish of achieving lasting clear epidermis with the following 5 blunders.

Are you guilty?

Acne Treatment Don't #1: The "Squeaky Clean" Regime.

Of course it's very vital that you maintain skin, especially when suffering from acne. But recognize that even people with very clean pores and skin develop acne, so "dirty pores and skin" can't be the only cause.

In fact, OVERcleansing can lead to , redness, flaky, peeling epidermis, and can even cause your skin to produce MORE oil to compensate for the natural oils stripped away by excessive cleaning.

TIP: Almost all people, with acne or elsewhere, benefit from cleansing your skin 2 to 3 three times daily, tops. Any more often and you run the significant threat of making your acne worse!

Acne Treatment Don't #2: Chemical Cocktail Hell.

"Benzoyl peroxide"... "Salicylic acid"... "Isotretinoin" (e.g., Accutane)...

Why do we experience it's alright to ingest or slather ourselves with severe potions and lotions containing chemical substances we can't even pronounce?

True, these potions, lotions, supplements and injections can sometimes may actually relieve acne fast. But more often than not, they can also cause a variety of nasty side effects ranging from severely dry, flaky skin... to liver damage... to serious depression ... and also *suicidal tendencies*.


As if the very thought of applying "acid" to your bodies wasn't scary more than enough, the possible side effects of some of these topical and oral supposed "acne miracle drugs" are enough to create us reconsider!

Acne Treatment Don't #3: Too Much Elbow Grease.

Yes, exfoliation in and of itself can be quite important in your struggle with acne, as it helps unblock already clogged pores and stops the blockage of healthy ones. But in comparison, OVERexfoliation -- rough treatment, harsh scrubs and scrub brushes, extreme rubbing, scraping, or picking, etc. -- achieves the contrary effect.

It aggravates your skin, making the problem very much worse.

Not only can being overzealous with exfoliation exacerbate your pimples problem, it can also cause embarrassing, unsightly marks and indentations which may never fully go away or heal.

So ... gently, please. ;-)

Acne Treatment Don't #4: A Failure to Act.

Unless your acne is definitely purely hormonal (i.e., an indicator of PMS), it won't just go away on its own. In fact, the longer you wait to cure your pimples, the harder it reaches do so.

It's much easier to cure mild-to-moderate acne than it really is to cure severe acne. Although, in every case, curing it CAN be done when you commit to using the right methods.