What Types of Flooring Should Contractors Install in Kitchens


Are you planning to install flooring in a kitchen? Would you like to learn what types of flooring should contractors install in kitchens?

There are so many types of flooring materials you can install in kitchens. Sturdiness and the ability to resist moisture are the two main qualities to look for in flooring material as in some houses kitchens can be high trafficked rooms.

If you are wondering what types of flooring should contractors install in kitchens? here is your answer


If your clients are on a tight budget or would like a flooring type that is resistant to scratches laminate would be the perfect option. It would be ideal for people who have pets or kids. Laminate can also be designed to look like hardwood if your clients want that elegant look hardwood gives. The only problem is that it cannot be refinished when it starts to look bad. You will need to replace it completely.


Vinyl is another form of cheap flooring that can be installed in kitchens. Its very easy to install and maintain and you can get a variety of designs that look exactly like stone, ceramic, hardwood and other types of flooring.

The main problem is that it is not as resistant to wear and tear as laminate flooring.


Though ceramic tiles cost a little more than laminate and vinyl flooring types, they are still very affordable. Its also highly resistant to moisture and can be cleaned with ease. You can get a variety of colours and designs so finding one that you like shouldnt be a problem. You can also get a custom designed one. If your clients want this type of flooring, suggest one with a little texture as moisture can make it slippery. Other than that, the only thing you need to worry about is the formation of cracks when you drop something heavy.

Stone, concrete and linoleum are three other types of popular flooring materials you can install. Try and stay clear of hardwood as moisture can harm it. Only install it if the client insists on it.

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