A FRESH Milestone for Thermal Insulation

This full week we launched our new product, blacket graphite EPS beads and its processing machine. That is a new milestone for Useon and thermal insulation market.

After 8 months continuous test, finally we created qualified graphite EPS beads with this own extrusion system. And the 1st batch of 20 tons of B1 sheet extrusion line fireplace retardance EPS beads have transferred all relevant testing for 2 a few months.

Graphite EPS is a good dietary supplement for traditional with EPS and XPS (rigid extruded polystyrene). Comparing with traditional white EPS, graphite EPS has better thermal insulation performance by 30%. Making use of their exclusive physical features, they'll contribute to thermal insulation market respectively.

At exactly the same time, we introduced our turn-key task of graphite EPS pelletizing line as well as the knowhow. At present, we've two series, 1000kg/hr and 2000kg/hr. This product shall become a new favorite of Useon Foam Extrusion business.