Joined a shady company, is this legal?? How can I get out?

So I joined this health and wellness company 2 nights ago and now I finally realized that it's a pyramid scheme and I'm trying to get out. I specifically told the "superior" I'm only paying for a one time 30 dollar membership but they charged me $283 instead. when I asked them what happened they claim that I agreed to both a 30 dollar membership plus another 200 something package for their products, which cannot be refunded. The only realistic way for me to make my money back is to recruit people and screw over my friends like what happened to me. My so called friend from my part time job recruited me and got me into this nightmare and is still trying to lure others at my workplace, promoting his company. Does anyone know if what hes doing is legal or not? I need to get this guy out of my job so he doesn't lure any more people. And does anyone know how I should handle this so I can leave this company and possibly getting my money back?

I'm 18 right now and most of the people I work with are in high school so I understand why we're being targeted the most right now. Someone please help!!