Career Up In the Air? Consider Flight Training School in Nevada or Texas

Aviation career opportunities can be found through aviation education in Nevada, Texas and other parts of the country.

As Confucius shared, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” For people who love to travel, now is the perfect time to follow that advice by diving in to aviation education in Nevada or Texas to get the necessary education and skills to become an airplane or helicopter pilot.

Industry leaders have looked in to their crystal balls (along with their extensive research) to predict a continued strong demand for aviation professionals — from airplane and helicopter pilots to aviation maintenance technicians. Airlines around the world are already expanding fleets and schedules, and they need the manpower to go along with the mechanical expansion. According to information provided in Boeing’s Long-Term Market report, between 2015 and 2034, the world's aviation system will require:


·         558,000 new commercial airline pilots

·         609,000 new commercial airline maintenance technicians


Now is the time for people looking for new exciting careers that will potentially allow them to travel all over the world to consider aviation education in Nevada, Texas, California and other states.

The key is to look for flight training schools that offer well-rounded educational opportunities, offering students the knowledge, technical skills and practical training necessary to earn their FAA licenses. As Helicopter Association International President Matt Zucccaro shares, “Flight training comes in all forms and shapes, but no matter the level — basic, advanced, simulator, recurrent, mission-specific, or military — the one element critical to a high-quality training program is an instructor who, along with flight skills, teaches and practices safety and professionalism.”

A few Nevada aviation education programs include: Carson Aviation Academy (fixed wing) and Reno Tahoe Helicopter in Northern Nevada and Elite Flight Training & Management (fixed wing and helicopter) in Las Vegas. There are dozens of flight schools in Texas, including Marcair Aviation (fixed wing) located at the Northwest Regional Airport in Roanoke and Veracity Aviation (helicopter) based in Seguin, Texas with a satellite office at the Georgetown Municipal Airport.

In addition to flight hours, it’s important for future airline and helicopter pilots to understand the basics of aviation, aerodynamics, meteorology, safety, flight law, aircraft systems and components, physiology and crew resource management.

After earning an FAA license, potential jobs could include flying for private or commercial airlines, conducting helicopter tours, agricultural flying, fire fighting, search & rescue, news broadcasting, law enforcement, aerial photography and much more.

Upon completion of the right flight training program and earning an FAA license, the sky is the limit. Literally.