Cork Flooring –just What Makes It The Best Choice

Besides providing something to walk on, most flooring materials are not environmentally friendly and do not offer any other benefit to your home. Conversely, Cork flooring can allege to offer these appealing features. This article will explain in detail how this type of flooring is eco-friendly and other innate benefits it offers. The cork flooring not only offer beauty to your home, but also offers sanitary and other healthful properties to you and your family.

Cork is known to be an environmentally friendly type of flooring. This simply means that the flooring is derived from an innately sustainable resource. Actually, the Cork flooring is derived from the bark of the Cork Oak Tree. Usually, the tree is ready for harvest once it attains 25 years. The bark regenerates naturally and can be performed approximately 24 times in the trees lifespan. This process does not damage the trees. Fortunately, forests that host such trees are well guarded with laws and regulations to ensure their safety.

The Cork tree contains a natural substance known as Suberin. This substance is very crucial when the tree is turned into flooring because it makes the flooring resistant to mildew and molds. Moreover, this substance also makes the flooring fire resistance! You should know some structural make-up of the Cork tree. The tree comprises of millions and millions of tiny honeycomb-like pockets that have gas trapped within them. These offers a cushy feeling on your feet as you walks on the Cork flooring. In this regard, the Cork flooring offers a softer surface than other type of flooring including laminates, hardwood or tiles. Additionally, the flooring is a perfect insulator that retains warmth than the normal hard floors.

Healthy benefits of cork flooring are also offered by this type of flooring. This is mainly due to the fact that the flooring is innately mildew and mold resistant. The flooring also does not trap debris or disease causing pathogens the way the carpets can which makes it an ideal option for people who suffer allergies or asthma. Additionally, the Cork flooring is water resistant making it an ideal option for basement, bathroom and kitchen flooring.

Floor decoration grows with advancement of flooring ideas. Ranging from the hardwood floors to the contemporary day bamboo floors, floor designs progress to usher in new ideas, almost insistently. Cork flooring is just another addition to this list. As mentioned before, the Cork is the bark of Cork Oak tree. This bark is commercially harvested by removing a layer of the cork from the trees trunk. This process is harmless to the tree and permits the oak tree to re-grow a new layer of the bark. The typical lifetime of the cock oak tree is 150 to 250 years and is harvested every nine years after its maturity. Cork is the right choice if you happen to suffer from allergies or if you have illness that calls for a clean living environment. Cork is a natural barrier to insects, common problems of insects like ants and termites cannot penetrate in to the floor and infest your house.

By: Vikram Kumar

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