When do pregnancy test

For many women planning being pregnant tips agar cepat hamil the question: when you can do a pregnancy check to find two cherished stripes? Manufacturers of lab tests, doctors, and friends are advised not to do the tests before the delay. Let's look at why and make an effort to calculate the likelihood of a positive pregnancy test, with respect to the DPO (days after ovulation).

For our calculations we take as a basis for a pregnancy test with a sensitivity of 25 mUI. The check reacts to the presence of the pregnancy hormone hCG in the blood of females. When the sensitivity of 25 mUI test can show positive results if the hormone in the urine of ladies of hCG exceeded this level, ie is above the level of 25 mUI. You need to know that the hormone hCG appears soon after the implantation of the embryo in the uterine wall structure first in the blood, and afterwards in the urine of women and, in turn, implantation occurs 7-10 days after ovulation. But simultaneously, be aware that levels do not jump immediately after implantation to 25 mUI, but rises gradually, increasing every 24-48 hours in two times.

Suppose that implantation has occurred on the 7th time after ovulation and start from the actual fact that in today hCG "jumped" to 2 mUI. The next day, hCG amounts doubled and amounts to "whole" 4 mUI. At 9 DPO again doubling and 8 mUI. Although the pregnancy has already occurred, but also for the check with a sensitivity of 25 mUI hormone levels remain very low, so the test will still be negative. Only on the 11th time after ovulation hCG amounts for the first time crosses the border in 25 mUI and pregnancy test could possibly be the first time showing a weak second band. Thus in our calculations, we disregard the fact that the content of hCG in the urine could be much lower than in bloodstream, and every female has this degree of an individual.

Now imagine that the did not occur at the 7th SPE, but only on 10th (also typical!). This means that we estimate first stripes can be seen only at 14 DPO. Right here we are getting to this is of delay, and answers to regularly asked question: "How many days can execute a pregnancy test?". Normally, the length of the second phase is about 14 days and this is excatly why manufacturers recommend tests to test for pregnancy just after a delay, ie, the initial at 15 DPO.