Featured Article: Spring into Action and Stow Away your Winter Wardrobe

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For most of us, the weather is finally warming up. This is a good time to spring into action and organize your winter wardrobe to stow away for next year.

Winter Clothes

Youve had months to wear those garments. So now is the perfect time to declutter your winter wardrobe by looking see what you havent worn.

Head to the closet.Sort out winter from other seasons. Ask yourself if you have worn each item. If you have not worn it, why not? Youve had plenty of time to select it. Remove unworn winter clothing so that you can donate them or sell them. If youd like to sell them at a consignment shop, the time to do so is early next fall. Set those items aside and make a reminder note at the beginning of September on your calendar.Carefully look though the remaining winter items that you are going to keep. Make sure each garment is clean and in good repair. Fix any missing buttons or torn hems. Take things that need dry cleaning to the cleaners. If you let items sit all summer, stains and perspiration marks will set in and be difficult to remove.Remove sweaters from hangers. Hanging will pull the shoulders and change their shape. Store them folded. Youll want to protect them from dust. You can store quite a few in a pillowcase, and the fabric breathes well. There are zippered plastic sweater bags as well as plastic tubs that can be used. If you have shelf space, you can place them stacked neatly on the shelf and then cover the stack with an extra sheet to keep them dust free.Clear out coat pockets. Wash or dry-clean jackets and coats.Match up mittens and gloves. Wash or clean them if needed. Stow them away with the coats. An inexpensive solution is to drop them into a gallon zippered plastic bag. Clip this bag onto a skirt hanger. Hang with the coats.Fold scarves over a non-wire hanger.Empty winter handbags. Leftover cough drops, candy and gum can make for a sticky mess as it dissolves with age. Ink pens can leak. Give them a shake over a trash can. Wipe with a leather conditioner if leather. You can find leather wipes in a pop-up container which is so handy to have in the closet.Wipe off boots. If they are leather, give them either a polish or a wipe with leather conditioner. The polish will keep them from drying out and cracking. Store covered to prevent them from getting dusty.Stuff purses and boots with bubble wrap to maintain their shape. Tissue paper and newspaper are a favorite hiding spot for bugs and using plastic eliminates that issue. Stuffing boots insures that you wont have creases ruining your boots at the spot where the top of the boot flopped over.If you ski or participate in other winter sports, take the time to gather all your gear and clothing for that sport into one spot.Find something you need to replace? Make a note on your calendar for next fall.Move winter clothing to the back of your closet and bring forward spring and summer.

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