Tips for Coloring Hair at Home

Setting Hair Goals Women enjoy coloring the hair because it offers more options for good looks. A change in color can be for fashion or fun, or because the hair is graying and the original color needs to be added back and restored.Choosing a Hair Color that Works

Choosing a hair color kit that matches the hair or is close to matching is in order if color needs to be updated or enhanced. Going a shade up or down from the original hair color can make a big difference, so be sure to read package directions on a hair coloring kit very carefully and follow the time and sensitivity instructions to the letter. Hair color can also be permanent or semi-permanent. The semi-permanent washes out over time. Many of the natural colors (sometimes called hennas) also come out over a handful of washes.

If going natural is the object, there are now more choices for coloring the hair that do not include peroxide and harsh chemicals. These products tend to be a little more costly than original hair coloring products. These completely natural products are available online and in the stores to help keep hair healthier longer and provide the option of being green at the same time.

A person may choose to have the hair done professionally at a salon in between coloring at home. This choice is usually a good one, as a professional takes over and can answer questions and offer advice. When regular visits to a hair salon is not an affordable option, hair coloring and touching up at home is.

Setting up to Color the Hair at Home

There are a few things to plan for when deciding to color the hair. A hair pick with a brush on the end to apply the color, rubber gloves, hair clips, old towels, paper towels, and petroleum jelly can assist to make the process easier if doing the coloring at home. Do not have anything valuable or not stain resistant around when coloring the hair. Make sure to keep pets at bay as color dropped on the floor can be dangerous if a pet ingests it.

Before starting the coloring process, put a rim of petroleum jelly around the hairline and at the back of the neck and ears. This will help any color that makes its way onto the skin to come off easier when shampooing.

Maintaining the Color and Health of the Hair

Maintaining the color and health of the hair over time is something to be very mindful of. Using the right tools (such as natural brushes that dont pull or break the hair), products for color-treated hair, and hair bands and ties that are gentle to the hair will all help to keep the hair in optimum condition. Staying out of the sun or covering the hair when in the sun will keep the color fresh longer (as will using the products for color treated hair)mainly shampoos, conditioners, sprays and gels.

From choosing the right product, to setting up for coloring properly, to maintaining hair color, success is sure to be in store for great hair color results. Readers interested in hair care can also read Keeping Hair in Healthy Condition for more hair care tips.