Where can I find tile cutters in Austin, Texas?

Tile cutting is a specific type of service for people installing tile floors, usually in their kitchens or bathrooms. Most tile cutting can be done by the same people who sell the tile which will be installed in the home. There are a number of places where tile cutting can be done in Austin, Texas, which is a booming capital city of the state with an eclectic mix of design and decor services.TileworksLocated in the Northern part of Austin off Anderson Lane and 183, Tileworks distributes a wide variety of very nice tiles for any room in your house. They customize and install granite, marble and a wide variety of other stone and porcelain wall and floor tiles. Once you choose the types of tiles you want in your home and where, Tileworks will cut the tiles to fit the room and send a crew out to your house to affix them to the walls or floor. They have a 6,000 square foot show room, a 55,000 square foot warehouse and over 1.5 million square feet of product, so there will be no shortage of choice.

Travis TileTravis Tile, named after the county in Texas in which Austin is located, is the oldest local independent distributor of tile in the city. They cut and install high quality ceramic, stone and glass tile and offer a wide selection of tiles from all around the world, with a crew of knowledgeable experts who will help your vision of a tiled room in your home become a reality. Located in North Austin by the old airport, Travis Tile works all over the city and is well-respected in the community as being a reliable vendor for tile installation.

Buy your OwnIf you feel like you can install your own tile, or can't afford to outsource to someone to cut and install the tile for you, you can purchase your own tile cutter to cut your larger pieces of tile for the edges of the room. These tile cutters can be found at Wal-Mart in the northern and southern areas of Austin, each in their own shopping centers. The two Home Depot stores, located in shopping centers on the opposite ends of the city, also sell tile cutters. Most hardware stores in Austin will carry tile cutters as well, from Breed and Co. in the central and west sides of Austin to Callahan's general store by the new airport.

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Travis Tile

Breed and Co. Hardware