A well-constructed shade house using one of the many SHADEPORTS MIDDLEBURGfabrics will enable the grower, to modify or create an ideal protected micro climate in which to produce high quality seedlings, fruit, vegetables, pot plants and cut flowers.

Plants and crops suffer stress from excessive photosynthetic active radiation (PAR), heat, strong winds and UV burn, which generally results in smaller, lower quality yields. Hail, severe storms, insects and birds too, can cause considerable damage to crops.SHADEPORTS MPUMALANGA

SHADEPORTS WITBANKwill provide protection against such calamities, providing an environment for optimum growth and yield. It ensures good air circulation, with excellent moisture exchange resulting in large savings in water and chemical sprays.SHADEPORTS KOMATIPOORTis a knitted shade net fabric, manufactured from High Density Polyethylene, high-quality colour concentrates and ultra-violet stabilisation additives.TheSHADEPORTS BELFASlock-stitch pattern, only obtainable through a knitted construction, means the fabric will not fray or unravel when cut. The mesh size governing the shade percentage is fixed or locked in place, making it impossible for it to be altered. Due to its knitted lock-stitch pattern, SpectraNet allows easy joining and repairing should it be accidentally torn.