The Top 5 Medical Schools

As admissions requirements for school of medicine become more and more stringent, admissions interviews may prove more plus more rigorous. Ethics and deductive reasoning are getting to be ever more critical in the selection process. Premeds might soon fall into a "devil's advocate" form of debate with two interviewers, fully expected to argue for and against both sides of a prevailing issue today. Perhaps one of the most pressing issues of curiosity to doctors, medical schools and premed advisers is innovation, or the lack thereof, in the pharmaceutical industry.

Another benefit is medical related careers are stable, making it the "most" useful field today as well as in the future because other fields for example engineering and manufacturing are slowly being outsourced for cheap labor ultimately causing many laid-offs. For instance, many computer engineers within my mother's company are actually laid-off since there is cheaper labor in India. Whereas, the health care industry needs direct service in order that it can't be outsourced. This makes it a more stable field then the rest.

You should enter the medical field as long as you are obsessed with medicine itself. Not concerning the remuneration, social status, or the idea of helping people. Physicians generally don't make much, with the amount of education they are going through, how hard they work, it comes with they must pay from the nose for malpractice insurance. Respect is great, sure, however it won't help a lttle bit when you're called in to the hospital at 3:00 am to deal with a non-compliant patient who is Medical School Interview now having a medical emergency.

Rockefeller and Drug Cartels. In the beginning in the second decade in the twentieth century, brave scientists uncovered the existence and importance of micro nutrients in maintaining health. They discovered vitamins and, along with them, deficiency diseases. There is compelling evidence that cancer, heart problems, immune deficiencies and even AIDS are common caused by deficiencies and may be cured with vitamin therapy. It has been known subsequently that Laetrile, or vitamin B-17, is instrumental in curing cancer. A deficiency in this vitamin is considered the cause of cancer also it was believed that curing it may be as simple as administering a vitamin. The problem using this idea is always that neither Laetrile nor any from the other vitamins, minerals and other natural remedies is patentable. They are worthless as moneymakers and failed to fit into Rockefeller's medical monopoly model. Once the pharmaceutical industry was born, Rockefeller funneled money into chemical giants like I.G. Farben, funding research and growth and development of drugs. What was your research? Human experiments at concentration camps during the Second World War. Managers from I.G. Farben as well as affiliates were tried in a court of law at the Nuremberg Trials in 1947 for crimes against humanity. The verdict: US Chief Prosecutor Telford Taylor is quoted to possess said, "Without I.G. Farben, world war ii would not have been possible." Still, the pharmaceutical industry in the United States and abroad was founded on research such as this. Ask any doctor today about Laetrile or deficiency cures similar to it and they'll call you a quack.

Continuing education in physical therapy, as with any other profession, is a vital way to keep up with our ever-changing world. There are a lot of technologies, facilities, and knowledge which are discovered each day. It is one of our responsibilities as medical professionals to make sure that we all know of these new discoveries and make use of them for the good individuals patients.