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There are several kinds of Nettop machines one can purchase for use in the home today, all with varying capabilities and hardware installed. Certainly you have a choice between the Zotac MAG, the Acer Aspire Revo and the Asus EeeBox. But in this article we are taking a brief look at what you get when you purchase either model MAG from Zotac International.

1. Both models of the Zotac MAG are fitted with Ion Powered processors. However the Mag HD-ND01 has the Atom 330 dual core CPU installed whilst the MAG HD-NS01 is fitted with the Atom 230 single core CPU.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

A lot of companies have been spoiled by overzealous app development sales persons assuring a high return on investment. Below is a list of things created on practical experience and research that help you understand the emerging as well as exciting apps world:

Every business owner steps forward to develop mobile app with three major expectations - to engage customers, build brand awareness and increase business performance. In the worst case, even if either single expectation isn't fulfilled, what is the purpose of mobile app development? Where you should be careful and how you can avoid possible damage? Let's know it:

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Every laptop user has felt it at one point. The scorching hot waves of the heat of your laptop slowly cooking your legs as you try to finish up a project or check your emails. You might have also noticed, the performance of your computer seems to slow down in this case, too. You are right. This isn't just your imagination. This is due to throttling that takes place in the device. Having processing power in a compact space like the body of a laptop often puts a strain on the hardware. Intensive activities like gaming or even binge watching Netflix might be causing the throttling and making your computer over heat. This problem might eventually lead to permanent damage.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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